Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hidden Creek Apartments

What can happen when a parole reenters society with no where to go? Often times he/she returns to his/her old surroundings, "their hood". Back to the place with the old friends and associations that lead them to be incarcerated in the first place.

Under Grace Ministries whose executive director is Dale Sharp purchased Hidden Creek as a place to offer paroles who meet certain criteria a place to begin their reentry into the free world. Open to both men and women, they will be required to find employment, advance their education, attend AA or NA meetings.

Hidden Creek is located next to Shotgun Dan's on Markham off of Shackelford. As might be expected, the facility was met with opposition from both commercial businesses and private citizens. No one wanted them, "in their backyard". The leadership went through many months of meeting at City Hall to have the usage of the property rezoned. It was unanimously approved in the Fall of 2010. As a matter of interest to us who attend PV, our Michael Keck supported and voted in favor of Hidden Creek.

Once approved, an open house was held in October. Individual rooms that would house the women and men were made available for adoption. PV Women's Jail Ministry adopted a 2 women room to furnish. The response for donations was encouraging. We collected enough money for twin beds & mattresses, a dinette set, linens, towels and more. Additionally, people donated a bookcase, beautiful loveseat, and decorative items to make the small apartment look like home.

The photo above shows Steve Burton, Executive Director Dale Sharp, Louene Lipsmeyer and her husband Michael as they set about putting everything together in anticipation of the first occupant. Louene and I just supervised; Steve and Mike WORKED. Many thanks to them.

The first woman is scheduled to start her transition from incarceration to freedom in early January. We wish her and all the other women (and men) who will call this place their home, God's blessing to rise to the challenge of reentering society.

This is a good overview article about Hidden Creek.

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